The Forest

by Paul Chin


Building on themes and a sound initially explored in Paul Chin's previous EP, Love Letters, The Forest explores the story of the individual and the world surrounding. Inspired by the writings of Donald Miller, the EP traces Chin's dreams for harmonious balance between care for the individual tree, and the greater forest which it is a part of. Chin also enlists frequent collaborators Johanna Wienhølts and The Matrixx as companion storytellers in his latest electronic fable, composing his most thoughtful piece to date.

"I am a tree in a story about a forest" — Donald Miller, A Million Miles In A Thousand Years


released July 7, 2014

All tracks produced by Paul Chin (SOCAN)
Harps on 'See The Forest' performed by Johanna Wienhølts
Vocals on 'For The Trees' written and performed by Mikhail Campbell
Artwork by Paul Chin & Phoebe Lau



Paul Chin Toronto, Ontario

Producer to some, Designer to others, Friend to all.


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