Dancing Drums

by Paul Chin


Driven by a love of polyrhythms, producer/designer Paul Chin has fine-tuned his vulnerable approach to storytelling through beats, vividly illustrated across the electronic landscape of his new EP Dancing Drums. The young Toronto-based artist's classical and jazz training, combined with intricate attention to detail in his drum programming, has helped evolve his sound into a rich, reverberating blend of moodiness and texture.

The undulating Dancing Drums EP layers frenzied anthems like "War Drums" alongside chilled, expansive tracks such as "Home" and "Deep Jupiter", which is complemented by a penetrating remix by like-minded contemporary and rhythmic mastermind Shigeto. These instrumental explorations are wonderfully offset by the hymnic vocals of Gillian Mapp on "Shaman Chant", rounding out the penetrating, timeless release.

Dancing Drums is out worldwide June 9 on 12-inch vinyl featuring artwork by Paul Chin


released June 7, 2015



Paul Chin Toronto, Ontario

Producer to some, Designer to others, Friend to all.


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